TGM-79 GM Trainer

TGM-79 GM Trainer (Stock Colors)

Model Name: TGM-79
Unit Name: GM Trainer
Radar: 2000m
Stock Engine: MS/MA TR engine typeC lv.1
Carry Weight: 88000 kg
Stock Price: 180,000 EF$
Store Sell: 176,000 EF$
Skills Required: N/A
Weapon Slots: Manipulator x2


As the Earth Federation Forces begins its mobile suit forces buildup during the last months of the One Year War, it also launches an intensive training program, retraining fighter pilots to handle the new machines. To fulfill this task, a two-seat trainer variant of the standard RGM-79 GM is produced. With the trainee pilot sitting in the standard cockpit, the instructor pilot sits in another seat above his, equipped with a small window. The GM Trainer mimics the standard GM in almost every respect, although it's built with weaker armor to reduce its cost. Since its cheap armor makes it unsuitable for combat, the GM Trainer is also relegated to engineering and construction duties.

In the Game, TGM-79 GM Trainer or TGM for short are the starter unit of the new EFF players. They are weak and very unreliable on combat. Most people sell thier starting TGMs to the shop and buy a RGM-79 GM Light Armor due to its better stats.