Model Name: RX-77D
Radar: 1600m
Stock Engine: MS/MA TR Engine TypeC Lv.1
Carry Weight: 95,000 kg
Store Price: $2,500,000
Store Sell: $384,000
Skills Required N/A
Weapon Slots:

Manipulator x2, Head x1, Shoulder x1

Unit InformationEdit

Spec Sheet
Armor Dodge Critical Accuracy
6 4 4 5

The RX-77D is the mass produced version of the standard Guncannon. This is the first Guncannon model that becomes available to you. All in all it's a good all range suit, able to engae up to a range of 1000 meters if you equip a GM Rifle. However the Guncannon is not a dedicated sniping suit, it's a support suit. Operating on the same principles as the GM Cannon the 77D is meant to hang back and use it's two MS cannons where they can do the most good. However unlike the Guntank series they can handle themselves better in close quarters where they can fall back on headvulcans, MGs, Beam Guns and other GM hand weapons. The 77D has heavier armor than the GM Cannon but fundamentally is the same. Personally I like the 77D better than the Gannon if only becuse of the heavy armor and more accurate cannons. The suit works really well with an MS Cannon, Beam Gun, Grapple, Head Vulcan armament where it can engage at any range. Most veterans seem to equip the Guncannon MP with 180mm cannons, while for PVP this make sense, for longer engagements it's not realy a great idea since both weapons will be drawing on your cannon ammo (the 180mm and the shoulder cannons). If you like the GC series, this is the place to start.

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Alternate ColorsEdit