RGM-79(G)s GM Sniper

RGM-79(G)s GM Sniper

Model Name: RGM-79(G)s
Unit Name: GM Sniper
Radar: 1800m
Stock Engine: MS/MA TR Engine typeC lv.2
Carry Weight: 95,000 kg
Stock Price: 1,500,000 Ef
Store Sell: 1,260,000 Ef
Skills Required: Mobile Suit: 10.0
Weapon Slots: Manipulator x4


The RGM-79(G)s, or GM Sniper(GMGS), is the variable of the RGM-79(G) GM Ground Type(known as GMG). Although it looks similar to the other version, this unit can use the RX-77 Beam Rifle, and Sniper Rifles.

Also this unit has the same stat as the GMG so its not much of a difference.

For those who wants to do sniper skill training, the GMGS is a good unit to start with