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General OptionsEdit

Option 1

Checkbox:"When starting up, show welcome window"

Checkbox:"Show crime warning dialogue." (Flashes up a warning when you target a friendly unit.)

Checkbox:"Show buy/sell confirmation dialogue."

Checkbox:"Show 'behavior.'"


Checkbox:"Accept Group Chat Invitation from people other than friends."

Checkbox:"Accept invitation to Community"

Checkbox:"Accept invitation to Team"

Checkbox:"Accept Trade"


Radiobutton:"Default to Running"

Radiobutton:"Default to Walking"

Graphics OptionsEdit


Slider: City Render Distance

Slider: Machine Graphics Level

Slider: Item Graphics Level (not used)

Slider: Item View Distance (not used)

Slider: (Not used)

Checkbox: Full Screen Mode

Options: Resolution in Full Screen Mode


Slider: Non-focused window transparency

Slider: Selected window transparency


Checkbox: Show City Title Animation

Camera OptionsEdit


Options: Default Point Return

Option: "Type 1: Camera will not automatically return to default view."

Option: "Type 2: Camera returns to default view when character moves."

Option: "Type 3: Camera returns to default view when releasing middle drag (presumably meaning mouse drag to look around?)"


Options: Wraparound (most likely camera movement) restrictions

Option 1: Restrict up/down movement

Option 2: Restrict left/right movement

Chat OptionsEdit


Checkbox: Show Chat Bubbles

Checkbox: "Allow chat bubble distinction" Causes special punctuation such as ellipses and exclamation points to change the shape of chat bubbles.


Checkbox: "Auto-determine chat bubble display time based on character length"

Slider: Chat bubble display time

Sound OptionsEdit


Slider: BGM Volume

Slider: Sound Effect Volume


Options: 3D Sound

Option 1: Normal

Option 2: Reverse left/right



Word Filters


Member Filters

Key ConfigEdit


(Read on menu from top to bottom, left to right)

Option Header: Movement

Selection: Forward

Selection: Reverse

Selection: Left Strafe

Selection: Right Strafe

Selection: Run/Walk

Selection: Jump

Selection: Roll left (When in space)

Selection: Roll right (When in space)

Selection: Turn Left

Selection: Turn Right

Selection: Pitch up (When in space)

Selection: Pitch down (When in space)

Selection: Toggle Autorun

(Now from the right side!)

Option Header: Combat

Selection: Peace/War mode toggle

Selection: Reload

Selections: Weapon Slot 1-7

Selection: Toggle shield on/off

Option Header: Camera

Selection: Return to Default

Selection: Zoom In

selection: Zoom Out



Selections: Macro Configuration (not used)



Selection: Color of Speech by Friendly Players

Selection: Color of Speech by Enemy Players

Selection: Color of System Messages

Selection: Color of Skill Change Messages



Other Options (not implemented)