MS-14S Gelgoog

MS-14S Gelgoog (Normal Color)

Model Name: MS-14S
Unit Name: Gelgoog
Radar: 2000m
Stock Engine: Crafted Only: HB Engines
Carry Weight: 95,000 kg
Stock Price: Crafted Only
Store Sell: 2,123,000 EF$
Skills Required: Mobile Suit: 30.0
Weapon Slots: Manipulator x4

  • Craft Only. Requires 190 FTCC (Fine Titanium Ceramic Composite).

The MS-14S Gelgoog or Gelgoog Commander type since it has the commander horn on its head. The Gelgoog S is the most advanced end tier Zeon suit and the suit of many Zeon Pilot's dreams. Next to the MS-14B Gelgoog, the 14S is the goal for nearly all Zeon pilots because of it's stats and able to use all of the game's beam weapons, including beam rifles from the Federation as well as the Federation's beam sniper rifles.

Though with such power in a mobile suit like this comes with a high price. Due to the high fail rates among the crafters, even with 130 Mobile Suit Crafting, do not expect to get a large number of these beauties with ease. With 5 attempts per stack of FTCC, if you are lucky you can get one 14S, maybe two if you are really lucky per stack.

Plus trying to collect the FTCC from NPC bosses like Full Armors and Ez-8s to the Midias make both Gelgoog S and Gelgoog B just as hard to build.

And while the 14B is slightly better than a 14S, it is nearly more worth it to spend the FTCC for a 14S than a 14B since with a 14S they take few more tries than a 14B plus 14S has a slightly better chance than a 14B.

Also, for those looking to get a 14S crafted it is wise to get a standard colored version instead of the Char's custom or other custom colored Gelgoogs as there are rumors that the standard colored suits have a slight chance of not failing than the others, same thing applies to the MS-14A Gelgoog.

It is best to save these Gelgoogs for PVP fights or when in a group to hunt down NPC bosses to help fellow team mates to get their own Gelgoogs.

- Info provided by Max Nelson, Zeon Player

Alternate ColorsEdit

Gelgoog Ice

MS-14S Gelgoog (Ice)

Gelgoog Grey And White

Grey And White

Gelgoog Pinku!

MS-14S Char Color (PINKU!)

Gelgoog Purple

MS-14S Purple

Gelgoog Cima

MS-14S Cima's Color

Gelgoog Yellow

MS-14S Gold

MS-14S White

MS-14S White