MS-06S Zaku 2

MS-06S Zaku 2 S (Stock Colors)

Model Number: MS-06S
Unit Name: Zaku 2 S
Radar: 2000m
Stock Engine: MS/MA TR Engine typeC lv.2
Carry Weight: 92000 kg
Stock Price: 1,000,000 EF$
Store Sell: 197,500 EF$
Skill Required: Mobile Suit: 1.0
Weapon Slots: Manipulator x4

The MS-06S is the Zaku 2 Commander Type. In UC0079 and afterward, this suit was givin to experianced and ace pilots alike earning infamy in the hands of Char Aznable, Zeons Red Comet. In UCGO, this is the most well known of the Zaku Variants, seeing use in raids, warfare, PVE, ect. it is by far the most well ballanced Mobile Suit avalible in the Low to Mid tier transition.

Alternate ColorsEdit

Zaku II S WO

MS-06S Zaku 2 S (Steel/Silver)

MS-06S Zaku 2 Char Custom

MS-06S Zaku 2 S (Char Custom Colors)

Zaku II S BaB

MS-06S Zaku 2 S (Black and Blue)