Model Name: MS-06R-2
Unit Name: Zaku R2
Radar: 2000m
Stock Engine: MS/MA TR Engine typeC lv.2
Carry Weight: 88000 kg
Store Price: 1,300,000 Ef
Store Sell: 222,000 Ef
Skills Required 0.0
Weapon Slots:

Manipulator x3

Unit InformationEdit

Spec Sheet
Armor Dodge Critical Accuracy
5 6 3 5

The Zaku II High Mobility Type was originally intended as a space use replacement for the old Zaku II, part of many MS development programs. Due to the cancellation of the MS-11 Action Zaku, the Principality used the MS-06R-2 Zaku as the temporary replacement. The R-2 Zaku was much lighter than its R-1A predecessor and had extra armor on the legs. However, the fact that the R-2 used the R-1A's reactor meant that it could not use beam weapons. Only four units were produced before the MS-09R Rick Dom was chosen as the new space combat MS. The R-2 is the best starting 0.0 space suit available to Zeon Pilots, however unlike it's R-2P brother, it cannot use beam weaponry, however it makes up for this for having slightly better overall stats. Comes with a level 2 engine as well, which makes it a very quick and maneuverable suit in space and if a pilot can afford it, is a great low level suit for NPC Hunting and raiding in space.

Recommend Crafted BuildsEdit

If used for raiding, this suit would be best suited with a fitout of either 710, or 170 for maximum damage and hitting potential. If using for NPC hunting, any combination of accuracy and defense will work well with this unit.

Alternate ColorsEdit

Johnny Ridden zaku II