MS-06FZ Type A Zaku 2

MS-06FZ Zaku 2 FZ type A (Stock Colors)

Model Number: MS-06FZ
Unit Name: Zaku 2 FZ
Radar: 1600m
Stock Engine: MS/MA TR Engine typeC lv.2
Carry Weight: 90000 kg
Stock Price: 500,000 EF$
Store Sell: 391,900 EF$
Skill Required: Mobile Suit: 0.0
Weapon Slots: 3x Manipulator

MS-06FZ Type B Zaku 2

MS-06FZ Zaku 2 FZ type B (Stock Colors)

Near the end of the One Year War, the MS-06FZ Zaku 2 would be the final improvment of the MS-06 Zaku series before the war would end in a peace treaty.

Seen in the side story "Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket" in several scenes, mostly in battle with Federation suits both inside as well as outside of the space zone of space colony Side 6. One FZ would engage the "Alex" Gundam that was secretly being created in Side 6, and would be destroyed while severely damaging the Gundam in the attack. The MS-06FZ is without a doubt one of the most used stop-gaps by intermediate players when access to a mid-tier suit such as the MS-06S, MS-07B, and MS-09 is not possible due to money constraints or lack of necessary MS Skill. Overall, it is an excellent training suit for newer zeon players thanks to its well balanced stats and low price.

Alternate ColorsEdit

Custom Yellow and Orange MS-06FZTypeA Zaku2