Hover Truck

Federation Hover Truck

Model Name: Hover Truck
Unit Name: Hover Truck
Radar: 2000m
Stock Engine: Tank engine typeC lv.1
Carry Weight: 200,000
Stock Price: 28,000 EF$
Store Sell: 19,200 EF$
Skills Required: N/A
Weapon Slots: Turret 1x, Body x2

Can only be crafted / purchased on ground.

Unit InformationEdit

Ground Use: Yes

Space Use: No

MS Contruction skill: 5.0

Meterial: 10xSuper High Tensile Steel

Engine: Tank

Weapon AvailableEdit


  • Tool Kits


  • Tank/Fighter Machinegun

Recommend Crafted BuildsEdit

Seen in the side story "Mobile Suit Gundam: 08th MS Team", the Hover Truck is the ideal looting truck in UCGO. While the stock types are okay, crafted Hover Trucks are alot better cause of the type A Level 3 engines. For both Federation and Zeon raiding partys, if you plan on attacking a city and planning on collecting loot, Hover Trucks will be able to carry 12 items for the team, while with mobile suits you can only carry 8 or less depending on what you want to drop in exchange. (Shields and or ammo for example)

Plus with the amount of weight it can carry, you don't have to worry about the Hover Truck going overweight if you collect a stack of titanium ceramic composite (TCC), meaning that in some successful raids, you might make it out with a stack of TCC as well as a good selection of weapons for you and your team.

So when you and your team hit a city; the mobile suit team will charge in and not only destroy all the crafters but also provide security should any combat capable pilots will suit up to counter attack. The looter should be advised to stay back from the city until the wrecks from crafters are just about ready to be looted.

Also, the best looting Hover Truck is, if possible, crafting the Hover Truck with a type A level 4 tank engine as well as upgrading it with maxed out Defense, 0/0/8 example. This way, should your mobile suit/escort team end up getting eliminated or they get pushed back by defenders, not only will you be able to flee the battlefield and out run any persueing mobile suits but should be able to survive a shoot or two before getting critcal.

Also, the Hover Truck makes for a good repair unit. While having a Tank Machingun on the truck's turret, carrying several level 3 repair tools with two on the main body, you can repair your team's suits incase the fighting gets out of control.

- Info provided by Max Nelson, Zeon Player